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MARO Coffee Engineering GmbH

MARO Model 1

MARO Model 1

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Please note: This purchase is a pre-order! The expected delivery date for new orders is July 2024.

Model 1 is our answer to the known problems with portafilters in the home.

Our goal is to combine short heat-up times with maximum performance and precision, while also consuming as little energy as possible. With Model 1, we want to present a new category of portafilter machine, with a variety of features to suit your needs. From assistance in preparing and dialing-in drinks to the ultimate nerd tools like different pre-infusions, pressure settings and profiles. Our 7" touch interface is there to answer all your coffee-related questions and guide you on your way to a unique coffee experience. More details about Model 1 you can find here:
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Scope of delivery:

  • Model 1
  • bottomless portafilter
  • portafilter with double spout
  • double basket
  • blind basket
  • tamper (58,5mm)
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